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Is Laser Plywood thin, light and easy to use?

August 14, 2019

Is Laser Plywood thin, light and easy to use?

It sure is! And you’re part of a growing industry…

Do you have a laser cutting machine? If you do then you’re a are part of a steadily growing industry of creative and crafty artisans who know that nothing cuts (or marks) like a sheet of good quality Ply.

Solid wood sheets, no matter what the thickness or area have their purpose for some projects but, like us, if you’re looking at wood for laser cutting that can be machined on a horizontal plane, at scale and doing it economically - Plywood sheets really are the best answer.

A high strength to weight ratio and impact resistance means your laser or machined ply wood project will still be around long after you’ve finished it and moved on to the next one.

Because plywood is cross laminated (the grain runs at ninety degrees to the next ply layer), plywood sheets remain dimensionally stable under changes in temperature and moisture. That’s good for all sorts of reasons! Including staying flat like you intended it to and not bending, buckling or twisting.

In short – you make it and it stays made :)

What types of Laser Plywood can I use for laser cutting and marking?

Basswood Laser Plywood is our most popular and comes in a large variety of thicknesses and size formats and is thin, light and easy to cut!

So, if you’re laser cutting earrings you may want a 0.6 or 1.0mm thick sheet in a 300 x 300 mm size format.

Making an engine compartment for a remote-controlled plane? Then maybe a thickness of 3.0mm from a sheet 300 x 600mm may work better for you on your laser bed or just cutting by hand! Yes – using a good old coping saw is still an option!

If you’re laser cutting box components and your laser machine is big enough, a 5 x 300 x 915mm basswood sheet may do the trick!

Birch Interior Economy Laser Plywood is perfect for laser cutting an endless array of projects that use 3.0mm plywood and comes in sizes from A4 to 300 x 1220mm - that’s a lot of plywood to cut or mark - if you can fit it on your laser table!

Because Birch Interior Economy Laser Plywood is less expensive than our other plywood varieties it’s also one of our most popular.

P.S. 12.5mm also available. (A bit thick for most laser cutting machines :)

High Quality Finnish Birch Laser Plywood is made by Koskisen and is regarded as the best quality plywood available. It’s extremely laser-friendly for both cutting and marking and also eco-friendly being sourced from certified and sustainably managed forests in Finland.

Safe ultra-low resin content ensures that these plywoods are safe to machine, mark and cut. They can also be used with packaged food, in residences, and in workspaces.

It’s also good to know that Koskisen plywood fulfils all control measures according to EN-71-3 requirements. The European safety standard for children’s toys.

Exterior Birch Economy Plywood is made with a WBP urea formaldehyde glue that gives a strong and lasting adhesion of plies in wet or high moisture areas. It’s a useful plywood for boat construction or for models that are likely to cop a bit of weather while in use.

While the B/B face (a ply quality term) is clean and finely sanded and suitable for all paints and coatings we don’t recommend you use it for laser cutting or marking because of the glue used in laminating.

Still… a very resilient plywood but currently only available in 3mm thickness.

What if I don’t have a laser machine?

No worries! A laser cutting service is available at for customers who don’t have a laser cutting machine but still want to produce a customised item or have an idea for a gift, a product or a business in mind.

Simply fill out a contact form or drop us a line at and let us know what you have in mind. We’ll get back to you with some solutions.

If you’ve got the inspiration, we’ll help you bring your vision to life!

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