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Maker Culture

December 17, 2020

Maker Culture

Getting your hands dirty

Maker Culture has taken off worldwide over the past decade or so. Some would say it’s actually been on cruise control for…ever!  DIY anybody?  And it wasn’t that long ago we were mending everything from clothes to fences on a daily basis. 

Pro tip:  don’t get your fencing wire confused with your darning wool!  Ouch!

Created to address the need to get our hands dirty and pull together as a community, it is benefitting the world in many different ways. Before COVID-19 we were attending group events in a close proximity. 

Now it’s all about checking out a DIY project online, or reaching out to share and gain skills via Zoom or Skype or comparing and encouraging each other on Facebook, Instagram or one of the dozens of available social apps.

As many of you know (or you probably wouldn’t have signed up for the newsletter) balsa and thin plywood are amazing materials for modelling, craft, educational and creative projects.  If you can imagine it then “the sky’s the limit” when it comes making … just about anything.

Whatever you are adding to this amazing cultural movement, you are not only learning and improving your technical prowess but your personal skills as well.

Well played and well-made Australia!

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