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Pre-flight Check List

December 17, 2020

Pre-flight Check List

If you’ve been holed up like most of your mates for the better part of 2020 carry out these checks before each flight to increase your chances of success.

Quick C.R.A.P Checklist:

  1. Control Surfaces –Test your controls and make sure everything is secure. Ensure linkages are connected and won’t fall off!
  2. Rips and Tears –Examine the body of your plane closely for rips, tears and crinkles.
  3. Angles –Look for structural weaknesses. Check the angle of your tail and make sure it’s not crooked.
  4. Power –Check all electronic connections and make sure everything works correctly.

Full Pre-flight Checklist

Before Powering up

  • Check battery voltage – Is your battery fully charged?
  • Check Transmitter Power – Is your battery low?

After Power up

  • Check surfaces – Are they lose? Check pushrods, linkages, clevises and hinges
  • Check control direction – stand behind your plane and move controls so they match those of the craft
  • Check airframe – are there any noticeable issues with loose wings, tail or motor mounts etc?
  • Check propeller – is it tightly attached?
  • Check landing gear – (if applicable) check wheels are free to move and gear doesn’t wobble
  • Check motor – does it spin freely?
  • Check servos – do they move freely?
  • Check centre of gravity – check balance of the aircraft with the battery installed

Environmental Check

  • Check for people – make sure there will be no people under your flight
  • Check wind direction – also check for areas where wind may be turbulent or unpredictable
  • Plan climb-out and pattern – think about direction of take-off and your general fright pattern
  • Plan landing – think about which direction you will approach from an where you will land

Reference – flitetest.com

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