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Are you looking for wooden boxes to promote your goods or services? 

You may need small wooden boxes to send gifts or for just for storage!
Our promotional manufacturing team will gladly work with you to find a custom made box solution for your purpose.

We specialise in boxes for food, photos, presentations, wine, stationery - in fact, just about anything that fits in a wooden box.

Balsawood boxes are light, clean and sustainable.  A beautiful alternative to other types of packaging and are made right here in Adelaide.

Along with custom designing and manufacturing, we offer a Laser Marking service so you can uniquely brand your wooden box with a logo, tagline or message to make a greater impact and get better customer engagement.

To get a quote, email us at we'll get back to you - pronto!

Just let us know a few details to get started:

  • What you are putting in the box (book, chocolates, photos etc.)
  • How you would like the box to function (open display, sliding lid, lift-off lid etc.)
  • The internal dimensions (H)eight x (W)idth x (L)ength in millimetres (mm)
  • Laser marking images (high-resolution PDF in the size you'd like marked on the box) if possible
  • Our Balsawood Boxes are lovingly crafted and checked for you.  
** For quoting, a picture tells a thousand words!  So if you can, send an image of a box you like as well as what's going into it.
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