Here are some useful documents and tools relating to Balsa Wood and Using Balsa Wood safely and effectively.


Balsa Wood Safety Data Sheet 

This data sheet details safety information pertaining to Balsa Wood, issued by Auszac Eco Balsa –’s parent company and sole supplier of Balsa Wood.

Download Balsa Wood Safety Data Sheet

Wood Dust Safety Data Sheet 

Accompanies the Balsa Wood SDS, this document is relevant for all types of Wood Dust, including Balsa Wood.

Download Wood Dust Safety Data Sheet

Adhesive Safety Data Sheets

Download Balsa Wood Glue (Fast Cure) Safety Data Sheet

Download PVA Balsa Wood Glue (Non Toxic) Safety Data Sheet

Download Pacific Balsa Cememnt Safety Data Sheet

 Download Gorilla Glue Safety Data Sheet

Balsa Wood Density Calculator Spreadsheet 

Use this calculator to correctly determine the density of your Balsa Wood, or to determine the ideal weights / density you require when ordering our ‘Competition Selects’ Balsa Wood. For customers wanting ‘competition-grade’ balsa this is usually in the D2 density range.

Download Balsa Wood Density Calculator Spreadsheet

Balsacentral Price Lists


Printable versions of our price lists will no longer be available. All prices are available to view through our site and are current and up to date.


Sponsorship Forms

For more information about applying for sponsorship please contact the sales team

Download Sponsorship Application Form

Balsacentral Order Forms 

Order form for ordering offline via Fax, Mail etc

More information about ordering offline can be found on the Ordering Offline page

Download Balsa Central Offline Ordering Form (.doc)

DownloadSpecial Day – Mothers Day- order form

DownloadTable Number- order form

Basic Laser Information

Some useful information for preparing your files for laser cutting

Download Basic Laser Information