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International Orders and shipping


We welcome our international customers! has been supplying balsa internationally for many years and we will try our best to get the lowest shipping costs when sending international.

Balsa can be a tough thing to ship; it is light but often in large bulky sizes. Due to the large range of different sizes we offer, the online store is currently unable to accurately automatically calculate international shipping.

There are 3 ways you can place an International Order with Balsa Central

  1. Email through your order – send us an email via the contact us page
  2. Fax through your order – our Facsimile is +61 8 8276 4133
  3. Order Online – follow the guide below to select the correct payment and shipping options.

To place an order online from outside Australia please follow these steps.

1. Select your products and place them in your cart

Browse the store and select the products you wish to purchase, after all products are in your cart proceed to the next step

2. Check-out and select “International shipping: get quote” as Shipping option

After you have entered your address and details, this shipping option should be shown for all customers outside Australia. Select and then proceed to the next step.

3. Select “International Order: Outside Australia” as the Payment Method

Selecting this method enables you to submit the order without paying at this point in time; this allows us to determine the freight costs of your order before we complete it. Many orders are cancelled due to prohibitively high shipping costs, so we prefer to quote shipping before you pay so no chargebacks etc have to be issued if you decide to cancel.

4. Place Order, wait for email with freight quotations and payment options

After your order has been submitted we will determine the postage costs. An email containing the total order costs including freight will be sent to you; from here you can decide if you wish to proceed.

5. Decide to proceed and pay total, or cancel order (no charge)

We realise that freight can often be very high in cost compared to the balsa itself; if you decide the freight is too high you may notify us and we’ll cancel your order.

If you wish to proceed, simply pay the order total using the details we provide in the email and your order will be picked, packed and shipped to you as soon as we can!

 Any Questions or Problems?

Simply email us at