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Balsa SQUARE 915mm

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Balsa Squares (or Balsa Sticks) are one of our most popular and versatile Balsa Wood shapes.  

They’re available in 915mm (36") and 1220mm (48") lengths and a variety of dimensions from 2.5mm square to 25.0mm square.  

Their strength and lightweight properties make them suitable for constructing architectural models, bridge building competitions and aircraft modelling.

Some sizes are available in HD (High Density) balsa wood for extra strength.

The sky’s the limit really!  Want to build the Eiffel Tower?  Why not use Balsa Squares?

For Square sizes greater than 25.0mm see Balsa BLOCKS.

Customer Reviews

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Graeme Macdonald
6mm square balsa.

For use on curved leading edge of wing . Bending it will be a challenge as it must be the toughest balsa I’ve ever handled .

I hope the square is able to be bent to shape, Graeme. If you need a softer piece let us know and we'll sort through them for you. Regards - Peter

Balsa Order

Thanks Very Much Balsa Centrel!
My order was exactly what I asked for as well as express shipping. Your a pleaseure to deal with and I'll regular customer for sue!

That's great Paul. We love to hear from our customers as to how we're going in the service stakes! Thanks for taking the time to let us know - All the best

Paul Lawrence
My Order

Hi, I found you very good to deal with and when I required one more balsa strip after I had previously placed an order that day, you include that one piece and refunded the postage on that one addition order...

Thanks Paul, your rating and review is greatly appreciated! All the best for 2022 - Peter

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