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Balsa Packs

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Balsa Packs are a wonderful timber resource for any age. We have a large range of Packs crammed with all sorts of Balsa Wood that can be used for fun and educational activities for children or for use by the more discerning project maker.  

The Just Sticks Bundle consists of a minimum of 25 balsa rectangles and square stick off cuts all at 915mm in length. Width and thickness are random, ranging from approximately 10mm up to 35mm.

The Economy 450 Pack consists of a selection of balsa sheets, strips and squares with a length of 450mm. Pack contains 

  •  2 pcs of 3.0mm x 100mm x 450mm
  •  4 pcs of 12.0mm x 12mm x 450mm
  • 10 pcs of 1.5mm x 75mm x 450mm
  •  2 pcs of 5.0mm x 75mm x 450mm

*Pack contents may vary depending on availability.

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