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Balsa Triangles, or Gussets, are another of the many specialised balsa shapes available at Balsa Central.

These shapes are Isosceles Triangles with one corner being 90 degrees. The size refers to the measurement of the two shorter sides.  Frequently used by Aeromodllers in the construction of radio controlled aircraft.

Difficult to make at home, our triangles have two clean perpendicular sides that take the guesswork out of making them yourselves and are easily cut to the length you require.

Customer Reviews

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Triangle stock

Makes things easier when you dont have to cut your own thanks

Thanks for reviewing the Balsa TRIANGLE/ GUSSETS Adrian. They are one of the most labour intensive products we make here so we totally understand your comment! All the best - Peter

Fantastic as Usual

The quality was, as usual, of a very high standard. I will use this company again. The delivery company they now use meant the order arrived very quickly

Hi Doug. Thank your for your rating and review for the Balsa TRIANGLE/ GUSSETS. We appreciate your time and effort - good luck with your project! - Peter

Very Happy.

Very happy with my order. Good quality, light, consistent density. Postage took 7 days to Sydney. I see that kit suppliers and model builders in the U.K. are having GREAT difficulty sourcing balsa due to increased demand from wind turbine manufacturers! Have they contacted you? If not, it might be worth your while.

Hi there Roger. We're always glad to hear from a happy customer so thanks for taking the time to comment on your order. We get a lot of enquiries from overseas however the cost of freight is inhibitive for most folks. All the best - Peter

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