Celery Top Pine

Celery Top Pine is a common conifer tree from the cooler temperate forests of Tasmania. The softwood timber has tight growth rings giving it exceptional strength and hardness.

In aeromodelling, Celery Top Pine will be best for wing spars and as an alternative to Sitka Spruce with similar consistent flexural strength and slightly harder and heavier properties. The straight grain and good selection give this timber excellent structural properties.

This timber is clean and blonde and will "golden up" with age and sunlight.  When sanded you will find the hardness makes for an extra smooth surface. We use high speed saw blades that leave a smooth and un-burnished finish.

These are the more popular and common sizes; however, we can supply other sizes on demand.

Customer Reviews

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Quality and Service

Thank you very much for your wood, excellent quality and service.

Your welcome Ian! And thank you for your generosity. - Peter
Top quality well packaged

Good straight grained pine, good smooth, accurate finish. Came very well packaged along with some 0.4mm ply taped and bubble wrapped to a sheet of 'reject' 2mm ply for protection in transit. The protective 2mm ply had a minor flaw but will be most useful, thank you!
Excellent customer service!

Great to hear that you're happy Howard! We try to make sure the items you buy get to you in one piece :) - Julie
friendly and fast delivery many thanks

a really easy use product

Hi David, we like to bring great quality and friendly service and always try to help. Thanks Julie - Packing and Despatch

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