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FJL Balsa (2.2m - 2.4m length)

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FJL (Finger Joined Laminate) is made by combining many smaller pieces of Auszac Eco Balsa together using a combination of finger-joint lamination and block joins. This process produces stronger, lighter and more economical larger blocks; overcoming the natural size and supply limitations of traditional long grain balsa.

Used in surfboard making, film and movie set production.

Standard Sizes available

 FJL 4 x 115 x 2250mm $3.00
 FJL 10 x 100 x 2250mm $6.45

 FLL 35 x 70 x 2250mm $15.85                                                                                    
FJL 45 x 90 x 2250mm $26.20
 FJL 70 x 240 x 2250mm $108.65
 FJL 90 x 90 x 2250mm $52.40

 FJL 152 x 152 x 2440mm $162.05