Kingcrome Auto Reload ALM Snap Blade 18mm

• Ergonomic Aluminium body
• Removable blade snapper
• Positive blade position locking points (18)
• Blade storage area in handle (holds 3x SK5 blades 18mm Snap blades)
• Auto blade reload feature
• Lanyard hanging hole
• Blade locking wheel
• Includes: 3 x SK5 Snap blades

For cutting Balsa use a metal ruler (not wooden or plastic), and pull the knife towards you keeping fingers clear of the blade.  A cutting mat is also recommended.

For Cross Grain Cuts press down lightly at first, scoring the surface with a few shallow cuts and keeping the cutting edge at approximately 45 degrees to the material.  As you increase the depth of the cut start to press more firmly and concentrate on keeping the blade against the ruler

When cutting With the Grain  make one firm cut and then increase the pressure with successive cuts until completely through the timber.  Keep the blade against the ruler with every cut.