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Finnish Birch Laser Plywood AB/B grade

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Koskisen Birch Thin KoskiPly is regarded as the worldwide as the best and is now available in Australia in a variety of thicknesses and sheet sizes for a wide range of applications. Sheets are classed as AB/B grade.

Laser friendly - or sometimes referred to as Laser ply, this range is interior grade and laser marking and cutting friendly.

Koskisen’s KoskiPly thin Birch plywood products are made from strong and high-quality birch log which is procured from certified and sustainably managed forests in Finland. Thin plywood and veneers are joint-free, uniform, consistent and stable materials. They are flexible, light and easy to machine and are suitable for laser cutting, router or waterjet cutting. Ultra-low resin content and safe resins ensure that the products are safe to machine and cut. They can be used with packed food, residences, and workspaces. Our plywood fulfills the requirements according to EN-71-3 safety requirements for toys.

Some advantages of Koskisen Birch Ply plywood panel

  • dimensional stable and flat board
  • long, continuous runs
  • grain runs along the length (A4 exempt)
  • long service life due to the thin veneer construction
  • smooth and hard surface
  • hygienic and easy to clean surface
  • interior bonds for friendly laser cutting - no voids
  • other sizes available on request contact us 





Customer Reviews

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The Finnish Birch Laser Plywood has to come a long way from northern Europe Roger! We're always pleased it makes it such good condition so we can pass it onto customers like yourself. Good luck with your project :) Peter
Thanks for your feedback John. I hope the Finnish Birch Laser Ply adds to your project success! - Peter
We're happy to support the people who support us Brian. If your club or any club for that matter would like help - drop us a line and we'll see what we can do. Cheers Peter

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